Video Blogging Month – November 2011

It’s my third year of participating in Video Blogging (vlog or vlogging) month during November. The rules are simple – post a video a day for every day of November.

I’ll be continuing my collaboration with my father Lorenz at our site where we each take responsibility for posting one video on alternating days. It helps to share the burden.

We started our collaboration two years ago with Lorenz (dad) uploading his videos from Perth Western Australia and me from the West Palm Beach in South Florida.

Lorenz got us started this year with his Lumiere Beez for our November 1st post. I’ll chime in tomorrow but wanted to say ‘hi’ with my own video today to all the Vlomo11 (#vlomo2011) participants, especially those helpful souls on the Yahoo! Video Blogging Group who are always quick with advice on video blogging ideas, content or how-to’s. Join us here »

Good luck to you all in Video Blogging Month for 2011!